19 Devices Everyone Ought to Have in the Kitchen

Cooking can either be a challenge or an interesting experience. And a huge part of how we perceive it depends on the devices we use to make things more entertaining.

We at virala buzz can spend hours on websites like Amazon and AliExpress, staring at devices that promise to make our cooking experience much easier. The things we found this time around are so good that we just couldn’t keep them a secret from you. And in the bonus feature, you’ll find some devices that look as if they were teleported from the future.

An electric stirrer

The slow process of stirring food is not for everyone. To make your life easier, use an electric stirrer. Simply put it into the bowl, turn it on, and let it do all the work. It can also be used as a mixer. You can buy a cheap one here.

A sous vide cooking device

Now you don’t need a huge cooker to use the sous vide technique: all you need is a small device that can fit into any kitchen drawer.

A silicone bread maker

You can mix the batter in a silicone bowl and put it right into the oven. The bread will turn out exactly as you want it to because the bowl conserves the necessary temperature and humidity.

A whisk wiper

The Whisk Wiper is made for people who hate cleaning whisks. The special device helps to clean off every last drop of cream or batter.


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