8 Soap Life Hacks That Can Get You Out of Tricky Situations

Turns out soap has more useful features, besides cleaning, that can help you in your daily life. For example, it’s great to use to fill nail holes in your wall. You can easily make any mirror anti-fog or polish glasses and sunglasses.

We at Virala Buzz are sure that a bar of soap is a must-have thing in each house and found 8 life hacks that prove it.

1. Stick the soap with a magnet so you don’t drop it while taking a shower.

If, once again, you have nowhere to put your soap, except on the tap, this life hack is for you. Soap can be attached with a magnet to any iron surface like your tap, and then it will not fall or end up on the wet ground.

  1. Make a hole in the soap that is the diameter of bottle cap.
  2. Take the bottle cap and insert the magnet in it.
  3. Put this cap in the soap. Now you can easily stick the bar of soap to the tap.

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