9 Crucial Laundry Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Clothes

It would seem that nothing could be easier than doing the laundry with a washing machine. However, even this trivial chore has a lot more subtleties than you could imagine.

virala buzz has made a list of common washing mistakes that reduce the durability of our clothes.

1. Overly high water temperature

Clothes will keep their shape and color better and wear out slower if you wash them at lower temperatures. Besides, warm or cool water can cope with dirt just as well as hot water if you have a good washing machine and detergent. Only things like linen or towels can be washed at 190°F for disinfection. All the rest can make do with lower temperatures.

2. Loading the machine with heavily stained clothes

Heavily soiled items should be presoaked, and stained clothes should be carefully washed by hand or treated with a stain remover before putting them into the washing machine. Otherwise, the dirt might not come off properly.

Instead of a stain remover, you can use alternative means. Lemon juice is a good cleansing agent for sweat stains; a mixture of vinegar and liquid detergent can remove traces of grass; wine stains will vanish after applying a mixture of water and baking soda in a 3:1 ratio.

3. Too much detergent or softener

A surplus of detergent can clog the detergent container and cause an unpleasant smell, and too much softener makes clothes less easy to rinse. Carefully read the dosages indicated on the packaging, and don’t forget to use the measuring cup. If your things are really filthy, use the pre-wash mode or run 2 cycles.



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