Family given 80-year-old woman’s body instead of 21-year-old man

A morgue gave a family the body of 80-year-old woman instead of their 21-year-old male relative A hospital in China has apologised after a mix-up in the morgue saw two grieving families given the wrong bodies. The error was discovered when one of the families who thought they had been handed the body of their 21-year-old male relative instead found the corpse of an 80-year-old woman. The old woman’s family had come to claim her body two weeks earlier but were apparently unaware the body they had buried belonged to a young man. The dead man’s uncle, Cheng Yahong, told local media the morgue in Hebei province charged 9,600 RMB (£1,100) to hold the corpse until the funeral was ready to be held.

Cheng Guaiguai’s body was exhumed from his grave after the mix-up was discovered (Picture: AsiaWire)
The young man was given a new burial by his family later that day (Picture: AsiaWire)

He said: ‘He died in a traffic accident on 15 March and was kept in the morgue at Cheng’an People’s Hospital for more than 20 days. ‘Yesterday (8 April), we went to the morgue to receive his body, but we were given someone else’s corpse. That’s when we contacted the police. ‘In the end, we discovered that his corpse had been released to a family in the town of Matou on 25 March. They buried him on 27 March. It had already been 13 days. Mr Cheng added: ‘Officers from our local police station and workers from the hospital morgue accompanied us to Matoan and exhumed his body. ‘This is a joke of astronomical proportions.’ The family reclaimed the correct body and held a funeral later that day. Both families have been compensated.

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